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Warm Bright Fall

Who says fall can only be dark and moody? If you've been following along you know how at MillerHouse we love a light and delicate design. Our intention with this shoot was to highlight a fall wedding with a lighter palette and timeless style. Fall weddings aren't limited to dramatic dark tones, but rather they can also be warm, bright, and airy while still being appropriate for the season.

We created a classic, romantic feel and sought elements that could stand the test of time. From the linens, to the couple's attire, to the vintage, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, we pulled together an eclectic mix that was sophisticated, elegant, and incredibly playful - a look that has been beautiful for decades and will never go out of fashion. Seasonally appropriate florals abounded, with dahlias, rain tree pods, garden roses, and fall foliage taking center stage.  

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