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Spring Inspiration in St. Paul at a renovated warehouse

There's something absolutely magical about spring flowers, and we loved working with Athena from Empiria to make this dream come to life! Our goal was to make flowers seemingly tumble from the ceiling and cascade onto the table and ceremony space. The decor inspiration started with a floral dinner plate. The way the foliage and blooms cascade across the plate inspired the way that the flowers drape down from the metal chandelier above the dinner table and across the air in our ceremony installation. We infused the design with a thin, gold, geometric pattern in a few areas: the table chandelier installation, the ceremony installation, and the thin gold wire to tie together the stationery. The bouquet was inspired by the stunning gerbera daisies we included throughout the day. This seemingly traditional flower is making a comeback, and we embraced its curly petals and soft color, allowing it to extend out of the bouquet and create its shape. We wanted the bold form to shine and paired it with other soft and romantic textures playing up the juxtaposition we sought throughout the rest of the design. The massive 12-person table is a favorite part of the day. It makes a statement in the room and allows for a garden to grow out of the center of the table and upwards toward the ceiling. We wanted the arrangements on the table to flow together, like the floral runners we know and love, but with a more delicate and organic quality. Each table element was meticulously handpicked, from the Chandlerie candles to the grapes sprawling down toward the plates. 

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